Teaser Think Thing World - XiaoWu Training Field(EN)

Think Thing World - XiaoWu Training Field(EN)

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Action, Adventure,


Note: Press Enter to Start Game Think Thing World Series Game - Xiao Wu's Training Field Latest gmae in Think Thing World series, super cool fighting game Xiao Wu's Training Field has finally come! Four brand new stages, automatic save, you can choose stage freely after beat it. There are many items during the game that would help you. Such as launch fire ball or summoning Tiaotiao. A/S/D: Move, Crounch J: Attack K: Jump K+K: Double Jump Double Jump+J: Air Whirlwind Double Jump+S+J: Air Slashdown


fire: na, K: Jump, J: Attack, jump: na, K+K+J: Air Whirlwind, K+K: Double Jump, K+K+S+J: Air Slashdown, movement: wasd