Teaser Armoured Commandos

Armoured Commandos

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Action, Adventure, Driving, Shooting,


A fast-paced, intense top-down tank shooter game, featuring 6 unique tanks, 30+ different weapons and 28 levels!! Features: *6 different tanks to play, each with unique weapons, attributes and characteristics *Each tank mounts 5+ weapons which fires simultaneously, so expect streams of bullets and explosions on the game screen! *Upgrade Panel after each level which allows players to repair their tanks, upgrade attributes (Armour, Damage and Mobility) and install Add-Ons which unlock new weapons for the tanks *28 levels in 5 intense missions, where you get ambushed, fight bosses, time attack, etc!


space: brake / begin game(in recon mode), fire: left_mouse, shift: move camera(in recon mode), jump: na, wasd/arrows: move, movement: wasd, left mouse button: fire