Teaser 疾驰 Voxel 3D Race

疾驰 Voxel 3D Race

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Action, Customize, Driving,


Bengine引擎的3D第一人称视角动作/驾驶游戏. Bengine Race 3D Racing Game. [游戏说明]游戏画面下方中间的小地图指示终点,速度越快到达终点得分越高. Z键切换最大速度状态,耗尽总加速后速度减半. X键切换最大防护模式下,可破坏墙壁开路,非最大防护模式下撞墙会消耗生命,生命值减为零则任务失败. C键切换最大动力模式下,可直升飞行(空格启用). [技巧]后退可补充总加速,撞墙可补充总动力(但会消耗生命),飞行可补充总防护. ========== [Objective]: Drive to the destination as quickly as possible, be careful of holes on the ground and avoid crashes into the walls and road-blocks. ---------- [Tips]: You can use three skills when needed. Max speed (key Z) can save your time by increasing your speed. Max armor (key X) will let you destroy walls and create a short cut to the destination. Max power (key C) can enable you to fly over blocks and holes. Always remember to switch between these skills and you will find the game easier and more interesting. And when the skills are used up, you can move back to recharge speed, hit the walls to exchange life for power, and fly to gain armor. ----------


fire: na, jump: space, movement: arrow